Innovative investments

Development, sanitisation, and unique experience at the Doriguzzi Hotel

Rural development programme for Veneto 2014-2020

4 new Suites for a unique experience

Measure - 6 Farm and business development

Type of intervention - 6.4.2 Creation and development of non-agricultural activities in rural areas

Operation description - Renovation of a new portion of the building to be annexed to the Doriguzzi Hotel and purchase of furniture.

Purpose - To bolster the hotel’s range of services, with positive repercussions on the local tourist industry as well, offering the tourist a complete experience.

Achievements - Set-up of 4 suite rooms, increase in the number of beds, and consequent increase in tourist numbers.

Amount financed: € 91,159.27

Initiative financed by the Rural Development Programme for Veneto 2014-2020
Body responsible for information: DORIGUZZI SRL
Managing authority: Veneto Region – EAFRD and Forestry Directorate

Doriguzzi Hotel active sanitisation

Interventions aimed at adapting accommodation facilities to Covid-19 standards

Amount financed:
€ 14.000,00

This project involved the installation, throughout our accommodation, of room sanitisation modules effective against bacteria, viruses (including Sars-Cov2), moulds, allergens, odours, and organic and volatile compounds.

Effective sanitisation: spraying hydrogen peroxide

The Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser has been officially approved as a Covid-19 sanitising and disinfecting procedure by the (It.) Ministry of Health and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità [Italian National Institute of Health]. This natural compound, also known as peroxide, is safe for the environment and people, as it degrades into water and oxygen after use.

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Atomised hydrogen peroxide: maximum effectiveness and safety

Atomised Hydrogen Peroxide guarantees 99.99% decontamination and disinfection, reaching every corner of the treated surface. t is a natural solution, free of harmful chemicals, such as bleach and ammonia.. Environmentally friendly, it turns into oxygen at the end of the process, with zero environmental impact. Safe and non-toxic for people.
Besides being an effective anti-Covid agent, Hydrogen Peroxide acts as a bactericide, fungicide, virucide, and sporicide. It sanitises environments from bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, and moulds, protecting against potentially harmful substances.

Dust Free technology: effectiveness without damage

Dust Free technology uses modules that generate a photochemical reaction through the flow of air. This binds an oxygen atom to the moisture in the air, producing Hydrogen Peroxide and hydroxyl radicals. This peroxide generated in minimal quantities (less than 0.02 PPM) is extremely effective in destroying microbes, both in the air and on surfaces, including textiles. And all this is done without harming the environment or people.